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First Generation Firebird-L is an email list devoted to the First Generation Pontiac Firebird (1967-1969). We welcome all car owners and enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in restoration, showing, cruising, or owning a First Generation Pontiac Firebird, we’re glad you found First Generation Firebird-L.



(1.01) – Any discussion directly related to the First Generation Pontiac Firebird (1967-1969) is fair game.

(1.02) – General car-care issues are okay, but they are not really the focus of this list.

(1.03) – Information on shows, rallies, swap meets, and other events are welcome.

(1.04) – Information on Pontiac Firebird parts is welcome AND encouraged.

(1.05) – Personal chatting will be tolerated to some degree; however, please keep it to a dull roar. If topics start to drift away from the First Generation Pontiac Firebird, take them to private email. Messages intended for just one or two individuals should be sent privately, not posted to the list. Messages that could benefit the rest of the list members should be posted to the list. To make sure a message is being sent to the right place, always check the “To” field in a reply before sending it.

(1.06) – Combine short responses of only a few sentences into larger single messages. It is easier on most subscribers to read one longer message than several two or three sentence-long messages.

(1.07) – Names and email addresses at the ends of posts are very much encouraged. Some systems only include the mailing list name and address in the routing information, so many on the list will not know who wrote unsigned posts.

(1.08) – Appropriate subject headings are greatly appreciated. Please try to keep your subject headers appropriate to the topic being discussed, and change the subject headers if your reply drifts from the original topic.

(1.09) – When responding to a message on First Generation Firebird-L, be sure to make clear to which message you’re responding, either by excerpting part of the earlier message or summarizing/paraphrasing the applicable content. Also, when you’re responding to a post of more than a few sentences, please do not include the entire text of the message to which you’re responding so bandwidth is not wasted. Instead, excerpt a small part of the original message so that we know what message you are replying.

(1.10) – Diverse opinions are welcome. However, we ask that you maintain a tone of respect and use good judgement in your posts. (See below 2.01).

(1.11a) – Classified announcements for First Generation Pontiac Firebirds and parts are fine. When announcing a classified, please include condition of Firebird or part, your name, address, and phone number in the announcement. You may only announce YOUR OWN CLASSIFIEDS, not anyone else’s. If you have someone else’s classified, send it to the list administrator for approval. Also, if you appear to be using this list simply to sell cars, parts, or other merchandise, the list owners may remove you at their discretion. (See below 1.11b)

(1.11b) – LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Classified announcements are the sole responsibility of their contributors. Neither the administrator nor any person/entity involved in distribution, transmission, maintenance, or archival, shall be held liable for announcement content, truthfulness, fitness, or correctness. No warranty or guarantee is either expressed or implied for these products or services unless explicitly stated by the announcement contributor and then are solely the responsibilities of the announcement contributor.

(1.12) – Brags about awards, recent wins, and other achievements are welcome. We would appreciate hearing details about the events and the performance of your car. Replies that are purely congratulatory should be sent via private email, rather than back to the list.

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I, your list owner, does not want to act as Net Police. However, this is a privately owned list and I have the right to eject troublemakers. I would rather avoid this problem in the first place and ask your cooperation in complying with the following:

(2.01) – Disagreements are to be expected; blatant rudeness, personal attacks, malicious gossip, and lack of respect are NOT expected nor will they be tolerated. Furthermore, the use of First Generation Firebird-L for personal axe-grinding will not be tolerated; this list is NOT the place to post diatribes against other individuals. And please remember to reply to private email PRIVATELY.

(2.02) – Sending attachments or files along with email messages is not allowed.

(2.03) – Please refrain from sending messages in all CAPITALS since it is hard on the eyes, is not pleasant to read, and seems like you are shouting. You are more likely to get a response when you do not use all capitals in your messages.

(2.04) – Commercial advertising on this list is not allowed. However, subscribers are encouraged to discuss their experiences, both good and bad, with products and services.

(2.05) – Sending solicitations and announcements solely to SPAM our list will not be tolerated. This includes temporary email accounts that you set up to send a message and then unsubscribe that account from the list. This is a private, subscription based mailing list for exchange of information and not for selling goods and services for your company. If you question the validity of your message, ask the list administrator if a message is appropriate before posting it to the whole list.

(2.06) – Discussions of specific owners, professional services, exhibitors, events, First Generation Firebird-L posters and any other individuals should be undertaken with great discretion. When asking for opinions on such individuals, it is preferred that you ask people to respond via private email. Likewise, if you’ve had a negative experience with owner, professional service, exhibitor, or anyone else and want to share his/her name with others, do not post his/her name on First Generation Firebird-L but instead offer to privately email the information to interested parties.

(2.07) – When you go on vacation, exclude mailing lists from your auto responder recipient list. This will help everyone on the list so they do not have to receive unnecessary email and stop potential mail loops. If you can not exclude email addresses with your software, please unsubscribe from the mailing list and resubscribe when you get back into town and turn the responder off.

(2.08) – There are many viruses floating around the net. Please do not post any warnings about viruses to First Generation Firebird-L; instead, check with one of the listowners before posting any computer virus warnings (many other “viruses” are also hoaxes, and the listowners have heard about or seen most of them.) The way the mailing list software handles messages, viruses can NOT be sent directly through the mailing list server as viruses use attachments or HTML encoding to do their damage. Both attachments and HTML encoding are prevented from being sent through our mailing list server software. With any email, be cautious of links as they may take you to malicious web sites.

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(3.01) – There are many resources out there on the Internet! I’ve listed the ones I think may be of interest to you on the First Generation Firebird Site.

(3.02) – You can view a list of parts and service companies that have been recommended by other list members.

(3.03)First Generation Firebird FAQs – Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions for First Generation Firebirds that have been asked on First Generation Firebird-L. Answers from estimated value of your car, where to buy a certain part, to how do you convert drum brakes to disk brakes. Special thanks needs to be given to all the Firebird-L owners that took the time to respond to other subscribers questions.

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