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Photobucket - Please do not use pics here

Posted By: Geoff

Photobucket - Please do not use pics here - 12/09/17 09:27 PM

If you browse through any post were someone linked to a picture at Photobucket, they no longer show up. Please do not use them any more as the photos are unvaluable for reference for people in the future.

Plese use our Attachment Manager found below the text box you type messages. If you can, edit your posts and replace the Photobucket pictures using the Attachment Manager.

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Posted By: Geoff

Re: Photobucket - Please do not use pics here - 01/23/18 05:48 PM

We really need for anyone who has used PhotoBucket to go back and replace the photos using our Attachment Manager as described above. I am finding way too many great posts that are now useless without the photos. I will send a Private Message when I run accross them which would really be helpful to have fixed.

Please send me a Private Message and I will update your profile so you can go back and replace all the PhotoBucket pictures using our Attachment Manager as described above.

I am sure you don’t want to to pay PhotoBucket’s $99 a year fee to have the photos appear on our web site. If you can afford it and really do not want to update your posts yourself as you have a ton, I can do it for you. Just shoot me a Private Message after you pay their fee.

I have disabled the [ IMG ] www photoaddress dot com [/ IMG ] forum feature as assume the rest of the 3rd party websites will do the same.

Description: PhotoBucket’s Ransom
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