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Disc Brake Conversion Advice

Posted By: YJ_Aaron

Disc Brake Conversion Advice - 03/16/19 12:10 AM

I'm currently looking to swap to power disc brakes on the front if my bird. I was curious wit all the options what brand you all have used successfully and any to avoid?

Posted By: Bob S.

Re: Disc Brake Conversion Advice - 03/16/19 12:33 AM

I highly recommend. Get a complete kit from the right stuff or inline tube. It will come with everything u need. It’s pretty straight forward to do
Posted By: JamesM

Re: Disc Brake Conversion Advice - 03/16/19 01:29 PM

X2 on the right stuff kits I picked one up for my 69 and it came with everything needed for the swap brake lines,hoses proportioning valve the whole 9 yards

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Posted By: YJ_Aaron

Re: Disc Brake Conversion Advice - 03/16/19 01:52 PM

It appears the inline tube leaves the wheel mounting surface at its current point as opposed to pushing it out 3/8" which the right stuff kit does?
Posted By: Firebob

Re: Disc Brake Conversion Advice - 03/17/19 03:25 AM

Depends on how handy you are. I went with a 12" brake set up off a 2000 trams am and a hydro-boost from a 90s AstroVan. Took a bit of homework and fabrication but worth every bit. She stops better than a new car and I don't have to worry about not having enough vacuum to run a std booster.

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Posted By: Bartbird

Re: Disc Brake Conversion Advice - 03/17/19 03:05 PM

I went with the SS Brakes kit that does not require changing the spindles, the brake lines all fit perfectly, the only thing I got different was a CE proportioning valve that was set up disc/drum because it fit in the stock location SSB didn't have one.

If you bench bleed your master and hook up a container of brake fluid upside down like a IV to the top of the hood and with a hose run the fluid into the front line and then rear line that would go into the master, open the farthest cylinder bleeder first and in a few minutes all air will be out, then do the other.
Posted By: Spellbound

Re: Disc Brake Conversion Advice - 03/23/19 09:10 PM

For the front I bought the stock '69 disc setup for my '68 - had to replace the spindle as well but worked perfectly.
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