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Posted By: cme469

US Powertrain - 09/04/20 01:26 AM

Has anyone ever bought parts from US Powertrain? They offer a rear end diff kit that comes with all the parts you need for complete carrier and gear replacement. They say the carrier is an Auburn. Anyone used their parts before?
Thanks, Ron
Posted By: bigchief

Re: US Powertrain - 09/04/20 11:36 PM

many many places sell the all these same parts
i have installed at least 100 auburn units
Posted By: cme469

Re: US Powertrain - 09/05/20 03:59 PM

Thanks Mike, I was really wondering about the hardware and other parts in the kit. If it’s really an Auburn carrier I feel good about that, but some places I’ve seen say “Auburn type carrier” and don’t say what brand of bearings. Do you suggest using one kit over another? The price seems good.
Posted By: bigchief

Re: US Powertrain - 09/05/20 08:17 PM

the difference in these kits is the bearings. cheaper kits use cheap Chinese bearings.
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