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40 minutes ago
Thanks, I think I’ll give one a try, wasn’t sure on the reach of the one ton.
Recommend a leveler?
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1 hour ago
2 ton mandatory due to longer crane arm. I had a 1 ton and 2 ton and both were quality pieces for Chinese crap.
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1 hour ago
Anyone have one of the Pittsburgh Hoists from Harbor Freight? Thinking about picking one up for my engine swap project, good enough for a pick every once in a great while?
Is the 1 ton sufficient with plenty of reach for a Firebird, or would you recommend the 2 Ton?
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2 hours ago
Can anyone provide me the measurements for the kick panel speakers? I plan to cut my current kick panels to add factory speakers for my 1967 bird.

Thanks in advance!
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1968 Firebirds For Sale
4 hours ago
Originally Posted by wovenweb
Doesn't appear to be an original 400 car...

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1968 Firebirds For Sale
5 hours ago
Doesn't appear to be an original 400 car...
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1968 Firebirds For Sale
8 hours ago
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Parts Wanted
10 hours ago
I have that also

69 only
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14 hours ago
Build date of car is 4th week of October?
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Parts Wanted
15 hours ago
Yes, it is a 1968 car with what I assume are all original pulleys/brackets, 4 bolt crank pulley, and would like to reuse all them if possible. I know I’ll also for sure need a front upper Alternator support brace due to the 11 bolt pump.
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Yesterday at 10:08 PM
More important in my mind is how does H227 relate to the build date of your vehicle? That code 9790140 went on a lot of V8s (350s and 400s, 428s) so they were being produced constantly.
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Yesterday at 06:50 PM
How close are the date codes of # matching engine parts normally? I have a 68 400 HO 4 Spd, with the correct #’s matching block and 16 heads with date codes of J137 and J167, I don’t have the 9790140 intake though, would that be within a few days also? I found one with a H227 code, but would that be to big of date gap to be “correct”?
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Diecast and Models For Sale
Yesterday at 12:54 AM
White with red interior. Pm me with what you have. Thanks
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Parts Wanted
09/14/19 10:07 PM
this IS a 69 70 non ac w power steering water pump pulley for a 4.5" pump

I have no idea what you have ...

it must be a 68 ... but could be 67 too with 8 bolt pump you removed

what year power steering pump brackets are you using the originals ?? with a 9776900 non ac
what is the crank pulley 4 bolt or 6 bolt 67 or 68

actually the 9127 pulley will fit both
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09/14/19 04:33 PM
1969 only

400 - 330,335,350/366HP 62 head

428 370HP (GP) 62 head
428 390 HP 62 head
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09/14/19 04:32 PM
Wallace also has this page

62 heads only seem to come up in 69, on several 400 and 428 motors
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09/14/19 04:27 PM
It's nice to see a real untouched car, I appreciate those much more than anything a guy whipped out his credit card for.
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Parts Wanted
09/14/19 03:15 PM
How much you asking?
I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I need, basically it’s a 11 Bolt Waterpump with 4 1/2” hub going on a car that had a 8 bolt pump with the short hub that’s like 3 1/2” or whatever it is. Will this get the pulleys lined by up with existing parts or will I need different brackets pulleys for Alternator, PS, and crank also?
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Parts For Sale
09/14/19 07:44 AM
1969 Pontiac Firebird Chrome Exteror Remote Mirror NOS On Ebay
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Parts Wanted
09/13/19 10:50 PM
9799127 ??
I may have a sweet one ready to bolt on .......
I just boxed several for the swap meet next weekend
I think it was wrapped up ...

back in a big hour ...

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Parts Wanted
09/13/19 08:14 PM
i believe i have this, i retro'd a serpintine belt system and everything stock that bolts on the front i have including a brand new radiator in the box
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Parts Wanted
09/13/19 07:30 PM
Sorry, just the Waterpump pulley, Car has power steering, no ac.
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Parts Wanted
09/13/19 07:24 PM
What exactly do you need the ps pump or the wp pulley? Or both?
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09/13/19 06:50 PM
Shoot for a 69 Firebird or GTO pulley and bracket setup. The brackets were the same 67-69. You will just need to source 69 pulleys. And the pulleys are AC or no AC sets. If you can figure out the pulley part numbers you can get them from Franks Pontiac Parts. He can prob set you up without the part numbers.
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Parts Wanted
09/13/19 06:35 PM
Anybody have one? 4 1/2” pump. No AC
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