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1968 Firebirds For Sale
34 minutes ago
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Yesterday at 04:03 PM
Sounds like a good plan.
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Yesterday at 02:58 PM
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Yesterday at 02:57 PM
quads have an issue with the lead seals in the bottom leaking, you have to lightly sand them and then hitemp epoxy them, it starts out as you smell gas when you park and it gets worse

we have to remember that these cars are 50 years old, I have a hard time with that because it seems like yesterday

my edelbrock thunder avs has worked well, although I lost 1-2 mpg
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Yesterday at 01:13 PM
Anything is worth a shot before tearing into the dash and gauge cluster but i'm not optimistic. I have some extra bulbs too. Of course the light will never be on when its sitting in the driveway where I can mess with things and see if something makes a difference. So you do something then wait and see. The tail lights seem to be bright and working fine.
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Yesterday at 12:42 PM
@uconn86hgv - at least on the passenger side the casting numbers are not visible any more.
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Ramblings and Chatter
Yesterday at 01:43 AM

Info on exhaust system enclosed. I'm running a 461 BBC; 10:1, Comp 292 cam, headers. Pypes system was a real bearcat to install. Neither of the up & overs were bent right. Ended up pie cutting and welding both of them. Drivers side was close, passenger side was not. I should have questioned the manufacturer as I noticed both were not bent the same but figured I'd get the run around.
I wanted something quieter than the typical Flowmaster 40's sound. Originally I installed Pypes Street Pro mufflers. Sounded nice outside of the car but the interior drone at 40-45 mph with my combination was brutal. Like rattle the interior apart brutal. They lasted 2 months before I couldn't take it anymore. Ripped them off and installed Flowmaster 50's. These are longer than the Pypes mufflers making installation difficult but not impossible.
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08/17/19 02:07 PM
Smoking the tires is generally for people with something to prove or small penises.

it does nothing for performance, old drag racers did it as their power increased until one smart guy got better traction and blew them away then they all switched to doing a burn out to heat the tires first and traction and moving became more important

you don't have a performance firebird, you have a mid grade model that was designed to capture the family guy who wanted a car that his wife could drive but he could still could pretend he was cool, the 400's move but the ramair versions become funky depending on how built they are, a RAIV with 4.11 rear is really only for an experienced driver as many got wrapped around poles and trees, these cars are not full frame like GTO"s and when launched, banging a gear, or getting sudden severe traction coming out of burning rubber they can and will do unpredictable things, they bend, the front end twists, then you'll want frame connectors, still they twist

I have a 67 conv 400 built to RAI spec's with 3.42 gears, 4sp, she likes to lift the front end and not go straight, for whatever reason the comb of the HD conv springs and a 70 10 bolt rear give the car ungodly traction and I have to go full bore nutso to smoke the tires, she generally wants to grab and launch, one freaking screw up like when I was 17 and I will lose @ 50k

enjoy your cruiser, it's a nice car with good mpg and stuff won't break

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Parts For Sale
08/17/19 12:17 PM
seen on western mass craigslist. complete 1969 400 4bbl w #62 heads and th400 tranny. Guys says it runs fine. Its not in a car. He didn't have any idea what he had when i talked to him. Asking $2200 for both but i'll bet you could do . I don't much better.. I don't know this guy just spreading the word in case somebody's looking for a solid looking 400 or tranny. Those are good heads too!

I should be buying this and swapping for my numbers matching 350 while I rebuild. But... why make sense.
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Parts For Sale
08/17/19 07:39 AM
1973-76 Pontiac 15x6 Rally II Code HK Wheel T/A Firebird RIMS On Ebay
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08/17/19 04:58 AM
Hi bill, your not gonna believe it, but since I made that that post I was changing my Culligan soft water filter and found the rubber gasket on the filter element was the perfect thickness and OD for the gas cap. The ID may need trimmed a bit. I now have extras if you’d like one.
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08/17/19 02:24 AM

There are all kinds of amazing aftermarket upgrades readily available. The big question is realistically how hard do you intend to drive the car? Track car, auto cross or just spirited street driving?
I have a '68 with Hotchkis rear lowering leaf springs, KYB gas shocks all around, rebuilt stock front suspension, a fat aftermarket front sway bar. Front coil springs have been cut 1 coil. I used a little faster than stock rebuilt steering gear from NAPA. Car drives and handles well on the street with these relatively inexpensive upgrades. Future refinements include Upper and lower control arms and better shocks.
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08/16/19 03:26 PM
I’ve got the same setup on my 69 goat 4 speed. The outer sleeve of the steering column rotates when you put it in reverse. Try moving the sleeve by hand if it won’t start
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1968 Firebirds For Sale
08/16/19 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by 68tpls400
Yep, another $40K into that and you'll have a nice $35k car. Sigh.

Been there, done that, parked in my garage....
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08/15/19 07:22 PM
Originally Posted by Cole
1969 Firebirds had F70/14 from the factory. F7014 is 25.6" tall
225/70/14 is 26.4"

We run 245/60/14 on the rear (25.6"), and 225/60/14 on the front. We have run up to 230/60/14 on the front, but the nose was a little too high.

The F70s Coker sells in a bias ply are 26.2". They also sell a radial version in that size that are 26.4", but I'm guessing it's really just a renamed 225/70.

Lucas sells Goodyear F70s which are 26.45"
Wide-Oval Firestone Bias Plys are 26.2"

And "Big Al" (Whoever that is) has a list which shows 26.2"

I would say his 225s are pretty close to the original height. Plus bias-ply tires "grow" more with temperature than radials.
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1968 Firebirds For Sale
08/15/19 06:34 PM
Condition: Restored in the 1990s. Nice driver that gets a lot of compliments but is showing some age. Drives great and was recently professionally tuned. Sounds mean at idle and has plenty of power but isn't finicky in cold/hot weather like many hot rods. Starts easily at 10 or 100 degrees. One tiny tear in the rear seat and 2 in headliner <1 inch, otherwise no tears or cracks in carpet/dash/upholstery. Solid frame and floors.

Drivetrain: 400 c.i. Pontiac Firebird V8 (non-original block), original #16 heads/TH400 automatic/Safe-T-Trac (posi) rear, power front disc brakes and power steering

Performance Upgrades: Hood tach, Edelbrock Air-Gap intake, Edelbrock Performer carb, cam, headers, shift kit, 4.11 gears, ladder bars, stall converter, HEI, Lakewood front shocks, 15x8 Ansen Sprint rear wheels, Mickey Thompson Sportsman rear tires, electric fan (retains mechanical)

New: Tires, front shocks, tune, cap/rotor/plugs, Carter fuel pump and filter, alternator, voltage regulator, alignment, fluids, Firebird floor mats

Needs: driver's side interior door panel, rust beginning to bubble at rear of each fender should be addressed at some point, speedometer adjusted to gears

Also comes with: PHS window sticker and order form, original wheels, new uninstalled Ram Air system ($600), 2 air cleaner assemblies (removed for photo), original steering wheel

$16,900 or consider trade for 4-speed or Convertible project with 383+ c.i. (1955-1973)
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08/15/19 03:36 PM
Cold case is the way to go. Paint it black and no one will know....
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08/15/19 02:56 PM
OK, to help others, here is the problem I found causing this and the solution.

I removed the EGR valve and it was very sooty. The car would die after a warm-up at red lights even with the vacuum source to the EGR valve removed. I removed the EGR valve, tapped the openings in the cast iron intake and threaded in pipe plugs. No vacuum leak, no exhaust leak, no EGR valve. Appears as the car warmed up the EGR would leak more to the point the car would not idle.

The car continues to idle fine now and has more vacuum at idle than before. I did check vacuum, about 17 at idle. The timing was 8 degrees.
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08/15/19 02:45 PM
I think with the correct sensor and my heat gun I can determine where the engine is running and relate it to the gauge. Knowing the ohm range of the original sensor would really simplify the process.
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08/15/19 01:08 PM
I have a thread chaser steel file. I has 8 thread pattern options.

I would replace the head bolt myself.
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08/15/19 12:28 PM
Thanks, that is what I ended up getting.
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08/14/19 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by ramair68
Interesting, I'll look into it some more. I believe the moldings are aluminum. Wonder if Eastwood sells something similar....

If you can get primer to stick to it then it will work with the chrome paint. May vendors in this space I expect.
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Ramblings and Chatter
08/14/19 05:22 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I guess $8k is the FOD price here in Alberta when your insurance want's to terminate your coverage. I got more quotes some lower and some higher. Online quotes did not look that good as the detail was very short on description. Got a decent quote from my car insurer so going with them. It's around $4k but I get $300k on shop, $430k on residence. Plus insurance on boat and motor, contents on buildings, water, sewer, misc gotchas, da wife's cassette tape collection ( lol )

1500 sq. ft. hillside bungalow on 4 acres. The shop is similar in size. It's 1500 sq. ft. upstairs and 1500 sq. ft. on the main floor.

Still a little high but someone gots to pay for the wild fires!
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FGF Photo Gallery
08/14/19 04:50 PM
I think it's Alpine...but it could be Aleutian...if Craig is taking the pics. In fact he could make it look black (takes photo in dark). lol
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08/14/19 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by Cobe

Body bushings are shot. That is one thing I didn't even consider.

Should make a significant improvement then! Do that first, then reassess if you still need additional changes.
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