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Parts Wanted
Yesterday at 10:59 PM

Found 4, one still has the black insert but there a little ruff, PM me a phone # and I'll send you some pic's

thanks bob
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Parts Wanted
Yesterday at 07:24 PM
I'm pretty sure it is clear. Don't know if I've ever seen one with tinted. Does the PHS show tinted glass?
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Parts For Sale
Yesterday at 07:05 PM
Jump to new posts Parts [by HaroldB]
67-68 OEM shroud very small chip on bottom. - 150.00
67-69 used nos replacement shroud - 150.00 SOLD
67-69 new oil filter adapter (from ram air restoration) for ram air exhaust manifolds 60.00
New NOR high idle solenoid - 150.00

+ shipping.
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Ramblings and Chatter
Yesterday at 05:15 PM
Happy Belated Birth Day Craig!!!!
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Yesterday at 04:41 PM
I am running 14" JC Rally wheels. They are tight, but there are no rubs. I ordered kit DBK6927 but then added a new set of brake lines and the electrical connector for the brake failure indicator. I ordered standard steel lines for the very reason you cited with respect to straightening the shipping bends. I figured the original set lasted 50 years, the replacement ones will get me to 100 years or my death, whatever comes first.
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Yesterday at 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Bluebird428
I have enough trouble with our arithmetic.

I was thinking about their polisher, seems to have a lot of good reviews for an entry level polisher, some even better than a few more expensive machines.. I've been hesitant as I see a lot of cars that have been machine polished that have the pattern of the polishing pad's path visible at certain light angles. Does yours come out like a hand waxed car with no polisher tracks? Do you use it for polish and wax?

This stuff works great on swirl marks, and like I said their stuff goes on and wipes off really easy, no real need for a buffer. I do my car, and I have had rotator cuff surgery a few months ago.

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Yesterday at 03:31 PM
It definitely wasn't showing OP on the gauge at the time, maybe the oil pump bypass valve stuck open but it seems fine now. I think I have worked out my pressure problem, I didn't have a valve cover breather that fitted so I stuck in a spare PCV valve but didnt have it connected to anything so am hoping that maybe that was stopping the engine breathing properly. I will run it with nothing in the hole and see if that stops the pressure build up.
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Yesterday at 01:33 PM
Thx Bartbird. I went with the II and the magnetic pickup. Seemed to be the one that the Pertronix guys were getting at. Still surprised my coil needed to be replaced.
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Parts Wanted
Yesterday at 11:29 AM
Need a set of GM doors for '68 FB convertible. Happy to pay a good price for clean doors with original tint glass. Thanks!
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1969 Firebirds For Sale
Yesterday at 08:08 AM
1969 PONTIAC FIREBIRD 69256 Miles GOLD Automatic On Ebay
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Yesterday at 07:50 AM
What you see is the end of the stud on which the down pipe is mounted... Here is another picture.

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Ramblings and Chatter
Yesterday at 03:16 AM
Ok I just have to say I love summer. Had a great time at the local car show today. It was fun because I didn't enter my car. I could come and go as I please. Had a great time. Parked the car on the street outside. Easy Peasy. Hot dogs, beers, lots of people. I got to drive my bird ( something I haven't got to do for awhile) and it ran friggin awesome. I have to say I'm warming up to that FI in a big way. Not one issue with it starting( or not), stalling, or just generally running crappy.
Got back home and garaged the bird but then had to go get a propane bottle for the bbq. Took my DD Subaru. You know what, when I hit the gas on it its just not the same.
It was a good day all in all.
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Parts Wanted
Yesterday at 02:35 AM
Ah. Ok thanks.
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06/23/19 10:10 PM
Thank you!
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06/23/19 08:22 PM
Absolutely. The only time I would advise people to coat only the outside is if they are a GOOD set of proper stainless steel headers. Mild steel headers should always be coated inside and out. I'm hoping when I go to E-heads I can find a good set of SS headers.
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06/23/19 04:03 AM
Well chances are any radial tire you use is bound to drop ride height from stock anyway and worn springs are going to add some to the drop from factory as well. In the end I would just be more concerned with what I think looks good and doesn't rub anywhere. Hey but that's just me.
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06/23/19 02:37 AM
Originally Posted by anguilla1980
Correct, same for adjusting the CalTracs and tightening the rear leaf shackles.

Thanks. I'll be taking measurements for the length to go under the rocker panels on each side today.

Yeah, good catch on salmon's side. Was really thinking only about the rearend swap. As you said, for the other stuff, the weight needs to be on the wheels when installed.
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Parts For Sale
06/22/19 02:44 PM
Still have about 1/2 of the shown parts left, let me know what you need. Also have (not shown) an OEM set of 3:55 gears, from 68 Firebird in prestine condition!
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Parts For Sale
06/22/19 08:00 AM
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Diecast and Models For Sale
06/21/19 10:23 PM
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06/21/19 07:43 PM
Here are two pictures of the holes with the missing/broken bolts. Still nothing removed just used a tiny USB camera for a smartphone. More bolts will most probably break. These broken bolts have been my biggest concern so far because experience is the key factor. Regarding the rear main seal I would use the divided 3” Bop Viton seal so that the crank case can be left in place and only the main cap anti rotation holes require high temp silicon. For removing the old rope seal there is this sneaky pete tool.
I think i need an exit strategy, i.e. when to hand over to a pro. This can be when the holes need to be retapped and/or the crank case needs to be loosened or removed in case the Viton seal doesn’t work.

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06/21/19 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by FirebirdMike
If you get a chance, I'd love to hear how what kind of clearance to the fender (top and rear) with the wheel turned if you were to test fit the 9" with 255s on the front with the deeper backspace (different offset).

Hmm, I hadn't thought to do that, but I will and I'll post back!
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06/20/19 02:09 PM
Can't find the pics of mine, stock cast pump with stock plate. I got mine fairly tight then thought it may change shape a bit when hot so I backed off to about 10 thou. Seems to pump pretty good.
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1969 Firebirds For Sale
06/20/19 08:08 AM
1969 Pontiac Firebird Cortez Silver On Ebay
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06/20/19 04:30 AM
Originally Posted by CHEVEN
I haven't done anything yet.....I was looking for input from someone who HAS replaced quarters. I do however have a another car that the quarter were removed.

Nice paint! Sorry, I forgot to get back to you about those panels.
I would be interested in the very top piece of both qtr's (the full width is about 6", then another 2-6 inches of the side from door edge to the end of the quarter at the back. I need to mold the top of my quarter better. Last guy did not do full qtr and job not perfect like I want it.

Would have something like that?
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