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2 hours ago
Good write up Al. Wish you were close by to help me through my distributor setup....
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Ramblings and Chatter
Yesterday at 05:00 PM
It comes down from the cowl past the windshield wiper transmission. There should be a small opening at the bottom to let water drain out, but it usually gets plugged with leaves and crap. Which is why it always rusts out right at the bottom of the fender....
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Yesterday at 04:02 PM
The service bulletin that suggests to disconnect carb and distributor advance hoses is somewhat deceiving to me and it referes to 2 speed transmissions (clunk) and then it seems it ONLY applies to 68 Firebirds 350 2bbl, 68 Pontiac 400 and 68 GTOs 2bbl unless they mean "All&q...
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New Products
Yesterday at 01:05 PM
Looks great!!...
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Ramblings and Chatter
03/26/17 11:07 PM
We're planning on making out to Carlisle again this year, next month 4th weekend, April 22nd. If anyone wants me to keep an eye out for anything, let me know. bill v...
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Parts For Sale
03/26/17 10:26 PM
69 FB N.O.S. tailpanel, $700 plus sh. We had 3 of these, we sold one thats going into a special bird,kinda neat knowing that. Orig. 400 hood, $400 plus sh. needs some work. Carlisle is coming up soon, maybe can find a ride there. I have pics of the hood somewhere, if ...
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03/26/17 09:18 PM
Wow, rmac, I was just looking at the original speaker set up an hour ago. i was surprised that there’s more room up under the dash then I thought there was(thats a relative phrase). Anyway, I think I can get you a pic, we just closed up and cleaned up for tonight, I will try ...
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03/26/17 07:06 PM
This is an offshoot of the running rich thread but seemed worthy of its own thread... I discovered that the thermostatic hot air diverter that is part of the air filter element isn't working on my stock 350. It is stuck in the open position which means it is never closing to al...
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Parts For Sale
03/26/17 02:29 PM
pm sent...
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Parts Wanted
03/26/17 12:59 PM
Hi Guys, I am looking for a 4speed pedal assembly for my 1969 firebird. Please let me know. Thanks! Phil...
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03/24/17 10:42 PM
I have an original 67 hood but it's not a 400. The 400 hood I have on the car is an aftermarket....
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Ramblings and Chatter
03/24/17 10:32 PM
Just wanted to refresh this thread. Link to the video of my new cut-outs. Pretty funny the reaction they get. Mostly smiles from everyone but my wife.😎 ...
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Miscellaneous For Sale
03/24/17 03:13 PM
Would be awesome for the game room or out around the pool....
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Parts For Sale
03/24/17 02:20 PM
455 Complete or Parted -- $3500 455/6x-8 heads, Torker 2, 750 Holley vac, CC 292 Magnum cam, 1.52 CC roller tip rockers, FlowKooler, Summit mini, includes everything that was on it, in the car except for the RobbMc 1100hp fuel pump. Engine has forged rods/pistons, & was ...
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1968 Firebirds For Sale
03/24/17 01:41 AM
I read the engine as being a "date or period" correct block, but not "original, Banshee can correct me if I am wrong because the words "original engine" were also used later in the add. Sounds like a nice one all the same. Pics speak volumes!...
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03/23/17 12:04 PM
I ended up picking up an LS1 and T56 transmission from an 01 Trans Am yesterday with 55k miles for pretty cheap. Looks like things might go a different direction. I'm going to research adapting the T56 to the 400 and doing the whole swap to make a decision....
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Ramblings and Chatter
03/22/17 10:08 PM
Pretty sure everyone will be interested in what you're dong. I know I am....
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Ramblings and Chatter
03/22/17 05:33 PM
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Ramblings and Chatter
03/22/17 12:51 PM
Just sold my cammer to a guy in Sweden last week... I actually took two of his cards and put them in a car I finished in July.. all my birds have his business cards in the glove box. He was a genuine friend, grumpy at times but we always met for dinner in Fll, he did like Ernies...
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1968 Firebirds For Sale
03/22/17 11:24 AM
An opportunity for someone familiar to buy this so we can keep a close eye on this car- very rare original HO....
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03/22/17 05:30 AM
These Crane adjustable vacuum advance kits let you tailor your ignition to the advance you want. The adjustability provided by these kits permits you to run the maximum amount of ignition advance throughout the rpm range, without incurring detonation. Once they're installed, you ...
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03/21/17 10:15 PM
An easy way to stay safe with a larger outputting alternator is to run a wire from the back of the internally regulated alternator directly to the battery. This wire combined wirh the factory wire needs to be able to handle the alternator amp output....
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03/21/17 11:14 AM
Last time I set a high idle, I remember instructions with similar very high RPM ratings. But that is for the very highest setting of the fast idle cam. IIRC, I had to always manually force the cam to the highest setting. What you will find is that when you set the choke and th...
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03/21/17 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by bocoogtoWon't the 3.23 gears fit the carrier that now has 4.11? Bocoogto, I got to wondering about this. And it looks like bop 10 bolts had three carriers. One for 2.76 and lower. One for 2.94 to 3.23. And one for 3.31 and higher. That's from Hemming Motor ...
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