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RH Exhaust manifold casting 9779328

Posted By: turbo400

RH Exhaust manifold casting 9779328 - 12/22/18 03:19 PM

I recently purchased one of these from a Vintage junk yard but it turns out out they didn't have the one pictured and have offered me a different one {with a non functioning heat riser coil }. I'm hoping somebody has one in good shape willing to sell.
Posted By: Jimc2002

Re: RH Exhaust manifold casting 9779328 - 12/22/18 05:34 PM

You could also look for the thermostat/coil. However, it may be difficult to find too. See group 3.640 at

I found one for mine on EBay a few years ago and still need to install it. Those parts often failed and the valve rattled like crazy in the manifold. I found it better to have the valve wired open than to listen to the rattle. Don't think I've had the valve working for 45+ years.
Posted By: turbo400

Re: RH Exhaust manifold casting 9779328 - 12/23/18 04:07 PM

Thank you for your response. Now you have me thinking about the rattling heat riser. There is a nice appearing manifold on EBay right now, but it also includes the LH side as well for $200.00. I'have asked the guy if he's willing to sell only the RH but no response yet and of course the ad is close to timing out. For some unexplicable reason Id feel better about buying one from a member here on the FGF site.
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