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Pertronix Ignitor II

Posted By: ReverendRW

Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/18/19 08:41 PM

Greetings Crew~
Looking to replace my points with electronic. Heard this is the way to go, plus change plug wires. Asked the techline at Pertronix if I needed the
LS" Lobe Sensor version of the Ignitor II but haven't heard back yet. The other version comes with a magnetic pickup ring that mounts under the mechanical advance armature.
My distributor is a Delco Remy 1111449, but I cant seem to get that to show up in the Pertronix drop down table for compatibility.
Anybody have any experience with these?

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Posted By: HaroldB

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/19/19 09:51 AM

I used the Pertronix Ignitor on mine. It used the magnetic pickup ring.
Posted By: uconn86hgiv

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/20/19 11:59 AM

I've been thinking about trying the Pertronix out when I need next tune up. However when you drive 250 miles a year that might be awhile! Curious how many guys are using these and what the experience has been? It seems simple enough?

I kind of like that my car still has points. Nostalgia and all. But seeing as I don't even own a timing light I guess I need to pick a team!
Posted By: ReverendRW

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/20/19 07:21 PM

Glad to hear that Harold.
I spoke to Pertronix and two diff people gave me diff answers.

One said Mag Ring, the other said Lobe Sensor, if there a dwell window in the cap.... "The 91181 is best used with Delco distributors with a dwell window in the cap. If you have a dwell window use 1181..."

This made no sense to me whatsoever. What's a "dwell window in the cap"? I know what dwell is, mostly, (referring to spark value), but what is he saying about a "window"?

In any case, I got the mag ring version. seemed the safest bet.

Side note: they also say on the Pertronix site that you can use your existing coil. Au contraire....the tech told me that my coil (1.5 ohms resistance) is too much, and that the Ignitor II needed .60 max. Maybe he was selling me a coil, and it worked. I figured make it a system. Eliminate questions.

UConn.... I'll repost once I get it installed and tuned. It really couldn't be simpler, but for the Magnetic Ring version you apparently do need to pull the distributor. Lucky for me, it's already out from a refurbish. I'm expecting far more consistent function and better efficiency. Also the Ignitor II has an "adaptive dwell" characteristic which should help at higher RPMs. This is part of a retune, so still need to play with the mechanical advance timing, but eliminating likely points issues helps me focus on carb issues. I hope!
Posted By: hokie1984

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/20/19 10:09 PM

It’s the little metal window on the side of the cap you slide up to adjust the points.
Posted By: ReverendRW

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/21/19 02:04 PM

oh...THAT window... Learn something every day. thx Larry
Posted By: Bartbird

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/23/19 01:57 PM

The pertronix kit is very easy to install but you have to remove the distributor, I would go with the Ignitor III instead of the two as it isn't much more money but has multiple spark throughout the rpm and a rev limiter, if you're just cruising the II is fine, it's what I have and love it, they basically sell one kit that covers most GM V8s, you're not going to find one specifcally for your distributor, they make a standard and one for GM HEI.
Posted By: ReverendRW

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/24/19 01:33 PM

Thx Bartbird. I went with the II and the magnetic pickup. Seemed to be the one that the Pertronix guys were getting at. Still surprised my coil needed to be replaced.
Posted By: Bartbird

Re: Pertronix Ignitor II - 06/30/19 03:41 PM

there is something about the Pertronix kits where they need a certain ohm coil to function properly, and the coil for the I II and III are all different
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