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fuel line beader

Posted By: Bluebird428

fuel line beader - 12/02/18 02:59 PM

Looking for a home garage or how to DIY fuel line tube beader to put a hose bib bead on a 3/8" metal fuel line.
I've used them while working on aircraft but don't want to spend 100s $ just to make four beads.
Anyone been there done that?
Posted By: Firebob

Re: fuel line beader - 12/05/18 03:16 AM

Not sure if this is what you need but I've made a sort of a bubble flare on fuel line with a brake flare tool. Easy enough just to make a bump into n the end so the clamped hose won't slip off. Those flare kits are pretty inexpensive.
Posted By: Bluebird428

Re: fuel line beader - 12/05/18 03:48 PM

Thanks Robert,
I've been reading some guys do make a bubble with a double flaring tool, just do the first step and have a bubble on the end. I kind of wanted to get a half inch to an inch of straight pipe from the end to the bead, but will most likely do as you suggest and use the flaring tool. Unless I find someone with a beading tool I can use or make one myself.
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