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How to install exhaust pre heater shield

Posted By: dougsoldcars

How to install exhaust pre heater shield - 08/10/19 08:03 PM

I got back to trying to install a repro exhaust pre heater shield on my 69 with 455 engine. I believe the reason I couldn't figure it out before is because it looks like the wrong head bolt was used by someone in the past. I imagine I must need a bolt with a stud on top so there is something to bolt the front of the shield down. I see that Ames sells new ones but i'm not sure of the length I need and given that it looks like the wrong bolt was used I'm not sure I'd trust just measuring the one that's there now. Does anyone know what length bolt should be on the lower front cylinder head?
I also could use some input on whether or not I can just change out the one bolt and torque it or should I re-torque all the head bolts?

I assume I should drain the coolant before removing the old bolt correct?

Thanks for your help.
Posted By: BLK69JUDGE

Re: How to install exhaust pre heater shield - 08/11/19 02:31 AM

I thought they hung on the short head bolt ?

the long front one is ground .to the battery ?

I should have both in nice used

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Posted By: Bob S.

Re: How to install exhaust pre heater shield - 08/11/19 12:33 PM

As far as swapping one head bolt, it shoul be ok. I agonized about doing that on my GTO because I needed the stud for the starter cable tube. Folks assured me it would be ok and there was no problem. The head is stuck on there pretty good. I wouldn’t even worry about draining the coolant. Just pull the bolt, figure out what size you need, install the correct one and torque it. I would just torque that bolt and call it a day.
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